Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cheap Hard Disk or Hard Disk Murah?


If you want to find cheap hard disk, then check out my facebook page!! search "ARA Legacy and Resources" and like :D By cheap i mean real cheap and ofcourse with high quality!

For instance, the latest prices for our Samsung hard disk,
USB 2.0 are
RM150 for 500GB,
RM170 for 750GB and,
RM200 ONLY for 1 TB.
It also comes with 1 year warranty! ;)
You sure will be shocked and satisfied. So make sure to check it out!

So if u're an IIUM student or lives in Malaysia, u can contact me or my sister. We sure ship around Malaysia for only RM6, and COD on certain area esp IIUM. If u're near Gombak then that's good :D

We also are planning to expand the services we provide, like maybe powerbanks, car rental and etc. My sister too accepts requested services like finding cheap and quality handphone and believe me, she's reliable :)

make sure to search for the page and like! here's the link!
ARA Legacy & Resources Facebook Page

Original Samsung Hard Disk murah

casing Samsung 2.0 ORI

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