Monday, October 14, 2013

Running Thoughts

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

so I ran to this thought of 'nobody's perfect'. It's a nature of human to make mistakes, learn from it and repeat just to learn from it again. It is true that we are not like Rasulullah SAW whom heart was cleaned from making mistakes and sins, as Allah chose him as the last prophet so he will be the perfect guider and brings Nur throughout our life. 

BUT, Allah made us like that not for us to make it as a reason to commit sins INTENTIONALLY. besides, by saying that we are not Rasulullah SAW (who is cleaned from sins) whenever we made a mistake is like we are blaming Allah for making us like this, thus saying that it's not our fault to commit the sin but it is because of Allah SWT who doesn't purify our heart, and by His fate that we  commit it.

What Allah SWT wants from us is to always come back to Him everytime we ever made a mistake. How? one of the key is to regularly pray Tawbah. We cannot escape from making mistakes but we can avoid it. There are many ways in nearing yourself to Allah. but whether you like it or not, you want it or not and whether you are willing to do it or not.

So ask yourself, is your intention in the right path? Is everything you do is to seek for His pleasure? for instance, to wear Hijab is an obligation. But are we wearing it right? are we following the rules and Syariah on how to wear it properly? Are we prioritizing trends and fashion over how are we supposed to wear the Hijab properly as mentioned in Quran and Sunnah? Or is it because of our names and we were born as Muslim? or is it for the people to judge? Have we considered the image that we are carrying? Same goes in covering the Aurah, not to wrap it but to cover it.

Some of us might be struggling with what we are doing in seeking His pleasure. Some of us might not and some are not even trying. But to remind and not to remind is our choice. to accept or to reject is up to us. I'm typing this in hoping that I will be a better person and to remind myself and anyone who's reading this that we are here living in this world as a test in seeking His pleasure, our ultimate purpose is nothing but to gain that. A slight effort in doing good may mounting up thus change us to be a better and a new person.

Remember that we often have automatic reminders that sequentially knock our mind whether it is seconds later, minutes later but is always there to remind us to do sth good? But we often postponed it or even reject it rather than accept it immediately. Sometimes it came to remind us to pray early but then we postponed it, so that's when we start to train our heart in postponing. After we are used in postponing, it might lead us in leaving and rejecting. The reminder is what we call Taufik.

Then Hidayah from Allah is what we are forever looking for. So that it will be the guidance throughout our life, the light that will lighten up our way to the right path. Tons of us are still living and dying blindly without having the chance to repent, so are we expecting to die like them without efforts? Even not all of them are lucky enough, not all are chosen to receive the Hidayah. So that's why efforts are important in finding His Hidayah, because Hidayah is given to His servant who really wants it.

Some of us even realize the truth but are still following the desire and temptations in pleasing ourselves and our life in this world rather than holding to that true intention, just because the world is seen by the naked eyes and is realistic compared to the Akhirah, which existence is true, but it is not yet seen.

The world is already at its oldest when Rasulullah SAW saw the old man representing the age of this world during the night of Isra' Mi'raj, and that was decades alr. So let's ask ourselves, have we prepared for the end of the world, when there is no more time to repent, not even seconds? or are we prepared to die which can be happening anytime from now?

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Salam :)

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